Aphasia Readers was created by husband-and-wife team, Ryan and Anna Teal. Ryan had a massive stroke at the age of thirty-four, w

hich left him with aphasia and apraxia. Throughout his recovery, the repetitive practice of reading out aloud seemed to be a tried-and-true form of speech therapy practice with promising results. Levels 1 and 2 provide a basic and an intermediate way to practice speech in a way that is relevant to everyday life. The books are available on Amazon

Buy Aphasia Readers Level 1 from Amazon.

Buy Aphasia Readers Level 2 from Amazon.

They can also be purchased through the Aphasia Readers Website (aphasiareaders.com) where a portion of the proceeds are donated to help create aphasia awareness and help others afford intensive speech therapy.

Helpful resources can also be found at no cost on the website: https://aphasiareaders.com/resources/