Aphasia Recovery Connection's Guide to Living with AphasiaLearn more about living with aphasia from those who have walked the journey before you plus gain insight from professionals. Find out how to optimize your recovery as you adapt to aphasia and discover many valuable resources to guide you on your way. Aphasia Recovery Connection’s (ARC) Guide to Living with Aphasia is a companion to join you on your road to recovery.   ARC is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help end the isolation of those recovering from aphasia. ARC started in 2012 when Christine Huggins and David Dow – both initially diagnosed with global aphasia that affected their talking, reading, writing, and processing language – met at an aphasia conference in Las Vegas. They quickly realized they shared similar challenges that could and should be addressed by an organization that helps people with aphasia connect to others and share resources related to recovery. And so the Aphasia Recovery Connection was born. David’s mom Carol Dow-Richards serves as the ARC Director.   Together Christine and David’s families have over twenty years of experience walking the path toward recovery. Amanda Anderson M.S. CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist who specializes in aphasia therapy. She has published three workbooks to help optimize expressive and receptive language recovery for people with aphasia.

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