godisntfinishedwithme yet by kathy hughesIn one brief moment, on a warm August night, Kathy Hughes’ life was turned upside down. She was thrown from her sister’s car, her head seriously injured when she landed. Kathy’s prognosis was bleak. The damage to her brain meant that once the hospital stay was over, she would have to relearn the most basic routines of life. Activities that “Normal” people take for granted-walking, talking, writing a note, listening to the radio- became complex tasks for her. God Isn’t Finished With Me Yet is the story of Kathy’s long and painful struggle to live with aphasia. Many people would have given up, shrinking before the gigantic frustrating task of regaining lost skills. Kathy Hughes did not. She was driven by conviction that in spite of what seemed a limited hope for recovery, God had not finished with her, had not cast her aside. Kathy Hughes’ story is one of inspiration. She has offered us a glimpse into the life of an aphasic, with its struggles and joys. Even more, her story tells us about living each day with determination and trust, in spite of the situations in which we find ourselves.

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