Identity Theft

About the Book

In 2010, Professor Debra Meyerson suffered a devastating stroke. After working extraordinarily hard to recover, she still lives with significant aphasia and physical challenges on her right side. In addition to these stroke impacts, she suffered a second trauma when her career as a tenured professor at Stanford University was cut short. The eventual realization that she would never regain so many aspects of her well-loved life as an active mother, partner, scholar and athlete prompted her to dig deep into an area she had studied as a professor– identity.

With the steadfast help of her family, Debra worked with determination to reclaim her own identity and write Identity Theft- Rediscovering Ourselves After Stroke (Andrews McMeel, 2019). In this important book she builds on her experiences, and those of many others, to shed light on the emotional journey of rediscovering identity after a significant life change. She draws on her skills as a social scientist and conversations with dozens of fellow survivors­, family members, friends, caregivers, therapists, and doctors to paint a vibrant, sometimes painful and often inspiring picture of what happens when someone is robbed of important capabilities, whether by stroke or other trauma.

About the Author

Previously a tenured professor at Stanford University, DEBRA MEYERSON studied, wrote, lectured, and taught about diversity, gender, identity, and organizational change. In September 2010, Debra’s life and career were derailed by a severe stroke that nearly killed her and initially left her paralyzed on the right side—and completely mute. Years of intensive therapy and a relentless work ethic enabled Debra to regain her independence, but she still lives with physical limitations and speech challenges. Debra wrote Identity Theft to help other survivors and those closest to them navigate the emotional journey that she has found very difficult—and rewarding. Debra lives in Menlo Park, California, with her husband, and has three grown children.