Online aphasia communities and support groups

Aphasia Recovery Connection

Aphasia Recovery Connection (ARC) is an online support group.  The group meets 24/7 on Facebook. They have a public Facebook page and a private group page, which you can request to join. There are regular chats that they organize using Oovoo (free video chatting software). Members need access to a computer, internet, Facebook, & Oovoo (free video chatting software). Members can also meet in person through the events that ARC organizes such as aphasia cruises. Click the title/link above for more information!



Aphasia Blog, The Aphasia Center

A regularly updated blog about aphasia and various issues surrounding the disorder.  Created by The Aphasia Center at Steps Forward.


Aphasia Corner

A company blog for Aphasia Corner, an online speech rehabilitation service for people with aphasia. Aphasia Corner Blog provides aphasia-related information for people with aphasia, caregivers, and speech therapists. This blog features guest posts from experts in the field of aphasia research, as well as from people with aphasia, and their caregivers.


Faces of Aphasia

Faces of Aphasia is a collection of stories about people touched by aphasia. The blog/site was created to spread awareness about the disorder. If you have aphasia, care for someone with aphasia, or treat people with aphasia, you can submit your photo and story to be featured. 


Aphasia Will Not Be Silent

Thoughts about life after stroke and brain trauma written by people with aphasia, created by Stroke Comeback center.



A regularly updated blog by Nina Mitchell, a stroke survivor and a person with aphasia.

“I am a quirky young woman whose Mind went Pop. I was 26 when a stroke took away my limbs and speech. This stroke comic book is designed to make you think. Mindpop. I have lots of aphasia entries. I live in Boston, in rehab, beating my stroke.



This is a blog about aphasia that accompanies the documentary movie “Speechless”, a movie-in-the-making that portrays the life of three stroke survivors who suffer from aphasia. 


Mariah Rose’s Ramblings

A blog written by a woman with aphasia and apraxia writing about what helps and what keeps her going.


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