Advanced Therapy Solutions, LLC, is a Speech-Language Pathology clinic providing speech therapy services in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Our mission is to provide compassionate, personalized, and specialized speech therapy services for the rehabilitation of speech, language, swallowing, voice, and cognitive-communication impairments.

What is Aphasia?

Aphasia is a language disorder that happens when as a result of brain damage. The brain has two halves. Language skills are in the left half of the brain in most people. Damage on that side of your brain may lead to language problems. Impairments on the right side of the brain may cause other problems,  such as poor attention or memory.

Aphasia may make it hard for individuals to understand, speak, read, or write. It does not make them less smart or cause problems with the way they think. Brain damage can also cause other problems along with aphasia that affects speech production. Speech impairments can be a result of muscle weakness in the mouth (dysarthria) or trouble getting the muscles of the mouth to move the right way to say words (apraxia). Individuals can also have swallowing problems (dysphagia). We can help!

Our Services

At Advanced Therapy Solutions, LLC our Speech Pathologist evaluates each individual to determine strengths and weaknesses, address personal concerns and goals, and develop a treatment plan using the optimum therapy approach and techniques for that person. When appropriate, we educate families on the techniques that are utilized during each session and establish home exercise programs to promote maximum progress.

Support Group

Our Aphasia Support Group is coming soon! Please contact us to let us know you are interested.


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