Are you looking for help improving the way you or a loved one communicates? Do you feel isolated or discouraged when trying to get your point across or communicating with a loved one?

Amy Karas SLP is an outpatient neuro focused speech-language pathologist with over 25 years experience. She specializes in teaching, modeling and using functional and evidence based cognitive/language strategies to improve independence communicating. Skilled sessions start with developing strategies to use in the home (in person or through telehealth). They are then implemented in community settings to help carryover and generalize skills. Caregiver training is also incorporated to support long term success.

Amy Karas SLP accepts most health insurance for skilled services. She also offers private pay, caregiver trainings and weekly therapeutic communication groups that are matched for skill level. Please visit the website for additional information at or contact Amy directly (email) or (cell) 617-893-8807.


MA 01949

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