Hello, my name is Paula “Poya” Daniels  – My spouse, Robert suffered a stroke eight years ago in July 2011, which resulted in his cognitive impairment known as Aphasia.  He has come along way in his recovering as we all have learned to adapt our lives to his new language as well as in understanding Aphasia . Through these past eight years, I have implemented many daily regimens for Robert healing such as Yoga, Sound Healing, Computer Programs Designed for Aphasia, Elementary Books, Hobbies (such as building models), Organic Food and Herbal Supplements, Neutralizing EMF’s in our household and our surroundings, etc., these are examples as well as I work closely with his doctors.  Robert has come along way, he has stunned the medical professionals with his progress and his goal has been to get off his medications, in which he is in the process doing this as of this the past month July 2019 per his doctors instructions.  We are ecstatic and cautious – overall grateful for our efforts and patience through this over-whelming life changing journey.  Robert’s communicative abilities are impaired today, he is still a very vulnerable adult with Aphasia, however his abilities have sharpened tremendously over the past years, some days he is quite sharp and other days he stumbles; the first 5 years of his stroke he could not say a sentence let alone the his constant receptive go to words he only knew how to say and he did not realize or hear what he was saying to know any difference as it all made sense to him, but today he can hold conversations, he catches himself more often when he speaks the incorrect word and he is so much more cognitive in all facets today in comprehension and retention.  We have grown such respect and patience for the magnificent human body and brain to heal it self.   We are now able to live a bit more comfortably as we are out of the storm and in calm waters today; we laugh and joke and live our lives with Aphasia until…

The on going challenges we face is with Society, Health Professionals, First Responders, and any human being we are seeking services from because they are not savvy or aware in Robert’s impairment nor are they patient enough to really slow down and listen and observe and repeat questions to Robert when asked.  That’s why I am here; I am an advocate for Robert and Aphasia – I am his voice at times, I am his reason at times, I am his caregiver, I am his teacher and protector and his wife.  It has been a long hard journey as our lives were like being in tidal waves for many years and now we are embracing the calm waters today we are so grateful for and deserve!

I am interested and would love to be an affiliate for National Aphasia Association to help spread the knowledge to Society as well as I intend to create “specialized workshops”  to those who live with Aphasia in their lives here our Historic Boulder City, NV.  I plan to work with Professionals as well.

My background: 35+ years Corp America Executive Account Manager Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution; 15+years Health and Wellness Business Owner~ I am Certified and Registered RYT500, E-RYT200, RCYT, ELBP Yoga Instructor, Certified ABISAVT Levels 1, 11, 111 Atma Buti Sound Healing, Trained Reflexologist, Energy Healer, Organic Herbalist, Non-GMO and Organic Advocate, SHES Certified Ordained Certified Spiritual Healer and Diplomat of Earth Stewardship.

20+ years experience in Caregiving; 

Eleven years with my Father, Paralyzed WW11 Navy Veteran .

Six years with my Mother- Stage lV inflammatory Breast Cancer.

Eight Years experience in caregiving and working 24/7 currently with my spouse, who is a Stroke Survivor with Cognitive Impairment Aphasia.  

Poya is a member of, participates and supports several local & International groups such as: 

International Sound Healers Association, International Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards Congregation (SHES),  Atma Buti Sound Healers, National Aphasia Association, Women of Wisdom Foundation, Turtle Women Rising, Yoga Alliance, National Aphasia Association, GreenMED, Sacred Plant, EMF Safety Network, GMO’s Revealed and Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) 

Poya is very passionate & enthusiastic in her teaching modalities and embodies this mantra:  As a Teacher I am forever a Student 

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