Aphasia House

Amy Engelhoven, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, CBIS

Director of Aphasia House

3280 Progress Drive, Suite 300

Orlando, FL 32826


Aphasia House

Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program (ICAP)

The ICAP is an intensive 6-week program, Monday through Thursday, for 4 hours per day. The goal of the program is to increase communication skills. In total, participants will receive 96 hours of speech therapy, with 4 hours designated for evaluation before and after the session. Participants receive an individualized therapy program based on their assessment perfor-mance. Therapy will consist of individual and group sessions under the direction of Dr. Engelhoven and assisted by Master-level student clinicians. Therapeutic intervention is based on the latest evidence-based practice and will be complimented by assistive technologies and weekly community re-engagement activities.

Who Can Participate in the ICAP?

Participants must be adults with aphasia, at any level of impairment, that are medically stable as verified by their family physician. They must also be cognitively and physically able to endure the intensity of the program and must not demonstrate behavioral problems indicative of poor motivation or lack of cooperation. Finally, they must be a minimum of 6 months post onset of their neurologic injury.

What is the Cost?

The cost for ICAP at Aphasia House is $7500. We do not bill insurance or Medicare. Payments of $2500 increments is due four weeks prior to treatment, on the first day of treatment and in on the first day of the fourth week of treatment. Stroke survivors who need financial assistance may apply for a grant through the Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness Foundation. The grant application can be downloaded here: https://strokeawarenessfoundation.org/resources/

What’s Included in the Program?

In addition to individualized treatment, participants are invited to attend Friday Only Club on Friday mornings for group therapy. Co-survivors/care partners are also invited to attend a support group on Wednesday mornings at 9:00. Participants will also engage in a group activity with a snack between the second and third hours of therapy. Other programs offered during or following ICAP include:

▪ Friday Only Club: a therapeutic support group for persons with aphasia (free during ICAP; $10/week after ICAP)
▪ Aphasia Family: a free community group focused on increasing wellness, learning, and service
▪ Aphasia Choir: a free community choir open to all persons with acquired neurological disorders
▪ Feeling Aphasia: a neuropsychological treatment group for persons with aphasia

Program Features

• Individual therapy, Mon.-Thurs. mornings, for six weeks
• Optional extension of therapy on Fridays, as well as art, music and horticulture therapy
• Observation room for family and friends
• Access to state-of-the-art augmentative and alternative communication devices
• Affiliation with local extended-stay rental accommodations
• Five six-week sessions offered annually

ICAP Session Dates for 2020:

Spring Session I: Monday, January 13-February 20, 2020
Spring Session II: Monday, March 16-Thursday, April 16, 2020

Summer 2020:
Monday, June 1-Thursday, July 9, 2020

Fall 2020:

Fall Session I: Monday, August 31-Thursday, October 8, 2020

Fall Session II: Monday, October 19-Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Program Eligibility

Aphasia House is open to individuals with aphasia who meet the following criteria:
• are medically stable
• able to endure the intensive nature of the program
• independent in mobility and self-care or accompanied by a caregiver at all times




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