Thank you for visiting our page! Peter, with the help of his daughter, is offering accessible one-on-one support to anyone who needs it.

Who is Peter? Peter Andrews is a stroke survivor who has aphasia. He cannot read or write, but he can speak. After 7 years of recovery, he wants to help others with aphasia adapt to and overcome their disability with the simple act of a phone call.

Why call? Peter still has aphasia, but over 7 years, his speech has come a long way. He would love to share advice on living with aphasia, provide support, or simply chat about the New England Patriots. Talking to others is one of the greatest challenges of aphasia, but also one of the swiftest paths to recovery.

Get to know Peter. Before his stroke, Peter was a pilot. Flying was his passion. Since his stroke, he’s found friendship through his support group and enjoys cooking, bird-watching, and puzzles. Though he may not go back to work as a pilot, he hopes to start a new chapter helping others with aphasia. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two youngest children.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you can say a single sentence, Peter would love to spend his time talking to you. Give him a call today or e-mail to set up a time for him to call you.

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