Individuals with acquired communication disorders are often left feeling isolated and alone with little or no resources to improve their quality of life even after therapy in a hospital or rehabilitation facility. Until now.

Northeast Ohio Adults Communicating Together (NEO-ACT)

Facilitated by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, NEO-ACT is designed to help improve quality of life through participation in enrichment programs for listening, speaking, reading, writing and socialization.


At CHSC, we take a whole life, personal approach to stroke recovery – prioritizing individual goals and lifestyles. We know that communication is an essential piece to the whole puzzle of stroke recovery. Together, we strategize methods to increase the quality of life and enhance each person’s ability to participate in activities that are important to them.


We offer individual therapy services to address a variety of difficulties experienced after a stroke. We focus on building a treatment plan together with the client, their family, and care partners to enhance their quality of life. A ‘whole life approach’ means we focus on providing therapy related to the things in life that are important to each person. If someone enjoys baking, we work on ways to create recipe cards that are easier to access. If someone has difficulty speaking and communicating in their current job – or when applying for a new one – we create a script for practice. Our primary goal is to enhance communication and participation in activities that are meaningful to each individual.




11635 Euclid Ave,
Cleveland Ohio 44106

Phone: 2163257558

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