Corrales Voice & Speech Therapy is located in Corrales, New Mexico. We are passionate about helping you communicate and participate to your full potential.  We provide assessment and treatment in the areas of voice, swallowing, aphasia, cognition and speech-sound disorders. In order to increase life participation and enjoyment we provide free and accessible group activities for patients and their caregivers, such as a Neuro Choir that meets every-other-week and performs at community events. 

We are certified in:
LSVT LOUD and Speak Out! for Parkinson’s disease and other similar conditions,
The McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program for swallowing therapy
Myofascial Release to reduce tension and improve voice and swallowing
Buteyko Breathing Method to improve breathing coordination and upper airway disorders
Resonant Voice Therapy and Vocal Function Exercises to increase vocal efficiency

Visit or call (505) 226-6060 for more information.


NM 87048

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