Communication Through Art at The Swain Center



The Swain Center in Santa Rosa is a speech-language pathology clinic offering state-of-the-art services for individuals with communication disorders.  Over the past year our center has been piloting a unique program, Creative Communication, which enables individuals with communication disorders to express themselves through art.  The art mediums include: painting, drawing, mixed media, print making, and sculpture.


This type of language based art program is used throughout the United States at various hospital outpatient programs, clinics, universities and private clinics to assist those with communication disorders develop a form of expression and communication.  This program is designed for adults with neurologically based communication disorders such as aphasia, traumatic brain injury, early-onset dementia, or degenerative neuromuscular diseases.  We are pleased to be the first center in Sonoma County to offer this program the many adults experiencing communication loss.


The group meets once weekly at our center located on Farmers Lane on Tuesdays from 10:00-11:15.  Though the program facilitates communication through art these sessions offer an opportunity for social-verbal communication with a speech-language pathologist assisting with other forms of communication as well as providing caregivers with techniques for carryover into natural and home environments.


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