Katie Cassady is a C-IAYT certified yoga therapist with nearly 20 years of experience working as a speech pathologist. She has provided thousands of hours of individual speech therapy to persons with aphasia and their loved ones in the context of an intensive aphasia program. The experiences  she has gained in the intensive aphasia program in conjunction with her extensive yoga studies have helped her cultivate a specialized offering that fills a gap often experienced by persons with aphasia and their families. Mental health and coping services can be a struggle if participants are unable to communicate verbally about complex topics. Katie’s embodied approach to self exploration paired with her extensive background in language treatment make her  uniquely qualified to accompany and offer guidance to persons with aphasia and their support network as they navigate life with a communication disorder. With an increased overall sense of well-being, patients may find that speech therapy is not the only avenue tor improving language


Offering in-person (Denver, CO) and virtual yoga therapy sessions as well as a weekly virtual yoga-infused support group.


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