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Aphasia Evaluation, Aphasia Support, Aphasia Therapy, Stroke, Brain Injury, are provided at the ENMU Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Outreach Center (SHROC). At the SHROC, we serve as a regional diagnostic and treatment center to help clients of all ages with diverse communication disorders. Our clinical services are available to the general public and are provded by both ENMU faculty and CDIS graduate students under the supervision of a certified and licensed CCC-SLP (speech-language pathologist) or CCC-A (audiologist).

Dr. Adrienne Bratcher, SLP.D, CCC-SLP, NAA affiliate is one of the certified and licensed (NM and TX) SLPs on site who specializes in aphasia and treating those who have suffered from a stroke or brain injury.

Speech-Language Services

Our speech-language services include diagnosis and treatment of these disorders and difficulties:

  • Articulation (difficulty pronouncing words due to apraxia, dysarthria, structural/anatomical differences, traditional/phonological delays/disorders and/or other etiologies)
  • Receptive/Expressive Language (difficulty understanding and using language due to developmental delays, learning disabilities or aphasia following a stroke or brain injury)
  • Swallowing (difficulty chewing or swallowing due to developmental delays, structural/anatomical differences or following a stroke or accident)
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Voice (difficulty with pitch, quality, loudness or hyper/hyponasality of the voice)
  • Aural Habilitation/Rehabilitation (learning to use your hearing to the best of your ability and/or learning to compensate for loss of hearing)
  • CAPD/LPD Training (learning to process auditory and/or linguistic input)
  • Accent/Dialect Reduction (reducing native dialects to approximate Standard American English pronunciation)

We house a full speech science lab, and can also provide endoscopic and stroboscopic assessment of voice, swallowing and resonance. We also provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) services.

The Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation Outreach Center also provides services to clients with hearing impairments, deafness, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, cognitive impairments and developmental delays, as well as those who have suffered brain injury, stroke or other tissue damaging accidents. We additionally provide services for people who have acquired progressive neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s.

We look forward to serving you and meeting your needs in Aphasia Evaluation, Aphasia Support, Aphasia Therapy, Stroke, Brain Injury.

Our Support Group will begin meeting on Wednesdays at 2:00pm, January 31, 2018. Come join us or call or email for more information.


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