Aphasia can be difficult to manage.  We at High Quality Home Therapy understand this well and have aphasia experts on our team. We offer individualized therapy sessions as well as group sessions with our skilled and licensed speech and language pathologists (speech therapists) and occupational therapists.  We also have a dedicated team of physical therapists, massage therapists and personal trainers all who love their jobs.  Our office is located conveniently off of exit 35 of the Merritt Parkway in Stamford, Connecticut and we also can arrange for one of our therapists to come to you, if that’s more convenient.  We accept Medicare and are out of network with all other insurance carriers, but we will maximize your coverage – we promise!  Being out of network allows us to spend more time with our patients and makes our therapists very, very happy, which results in better care for our patients because happy therapists make for happy patients!  We are also involved in clinical research, keeping us cutting edge so we stand out from our peers.  Would love to help you or your loved one!

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