TLC Speech Therapy is a Boston-based speech therapy practice. Our speech-language pathologists are highly experienced treating young children, teens, and adults with aphasia, traumatic brain injuries and other neurological conditions. In addition to being nationally licensed speech therapists, we are also certified brain injury specialists (CBIS).


We treat all speech, language, cognitive, communication and swallowing disorders holistically and use the Lifestyle Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA). Our speech therapists are highly trained to address aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria, dysphagia, and voice disorders.


Therapy is individualized and customized with intensive in-person and virtual programs available to focus on each person’s goals. Therapy is provided collaboratively with family, caregivers, schools, and medical professionals to ensure quality care and long-term success.


TLC Speech Therapy is a unique practice having extensive experience working with pediatrics as well as adults. Children and teens require specific programming and support to return to school and extracurricular activities after a stroke or brain injury. TLC Speech Therapy provides that direction and support for school and community re-entry.


In-person therapy is offered in Boston, MA. Virtual speech therapy is available in the following states: Massachusetts, Vermont, Florida and Georgia.


Website: TLC Speech Therapy Website


Old Harbor Street,
South Boston MA 02127

Phone: 6174190424

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