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What is I Ally?

After her father suffered a debilitating stroke, Founder Lucinda Koza became his sole caregiver at age 32. Suffering from isolation and a lack of resources and advocacy, Lucinda decided to create an app for other young caregivers, so that she could help stop others from having to go through what she experienced. I Ally connects its users with easy access to Telehealth, a database of providers for both the caregiver and patient (including speech therapists and speech language pathologists), administrative advocacy through a partnership with Backpack Health, financial & legal counsel, and unparalleled peer support. One of Lucinda’s biggest passions is advocating for caregivers to practice speech therapy at home if their parent has aphasia. In order to do this, Lucinda seeks to provide as much in-home practice as possible and educate young caregivers about significant their role is. See more on our website here.

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If you would like to be a provider or are interested in helping I Ally have a bigger impact, contact Lucinda Koza at lucinda@i-ally.com.


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