Lexikia is a mobile application available for iOS and Android that is designed to be a digital solution for users with language conditions, which will help stimulate the use and understanding, increase their confidence to communicate, analyze their performance through the use of the application, gradually help to relate images with words and use them correctly, and with neurodegenerative diseases, help to delay the deterioration of the ability to communicate. The application provides gradual levels of complexity and recovery depending on the patient’s progress and user experience, making recovery tangible in a short period of time.

It makes it possible to eliminate barriers and gives access to recovery treatment to more than 2 million people in Mexico and 5 million in Latin America. In the United States, it allows access to approximately 1.2 million people.

Lexikia was created and engineered by a patient with Aphasia, his brother, technology and user experience experts and a language specialist. It has been used by patients with neurodiversities throughout Mexico, Spain and we are starting in the United States. In the market there are different generic applications and material for speech therapy, as well as different associations or centers to help people with this type of disorder. However, they are only accessible to 1%-3% of patients, which makes it difficult to reincorporate them into society and provide them with tools that dignify and allow their reincorporation into active society once they have suffered from the problem.

The app allows over 75% recovery of autonomy and social integration, 90% recovery of interlocution and speech capacity, 70-80% recovery in comprehension.



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