Neuro Rehab Network

Speech Therapy Services for Individuals with Aphasia after Stroke and Brain Injury

Julie Rowlett is a Speech Language Pathologist who has worked with individuals with neurologic impairments such as Aphasia for over 15 years. Her private practice, Neuro Rehab Network, utilizes research based treatment approaches to help patients regain function and restore communication skills after stroke and brain injury.  Neuro Rehab Network works with patients and families to understand Aphasia and provide them with strategies to communicate in new ways while making meaningful connections with those around them. Using group and individual sessions both at home, in the therapy office, and in the community, we focus on life participation. We strive to restore confidence, improve coping skills and offer a plan on how to live successfully with aphasia.

Areas of expertise include Primary Progressive Aphasia, Apraxia of Speech, Aphasia, communication groups, and family training.  We are based out of Howard County, MD.  Please contact Julie Rowlett to set up a complimentary phone consultation at 410-645-1001 or at

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