Synapse House is a therapy program for individuals with a brain injury or stroke. We use the Clubhouse Model which believes that real work is healing.  Through the work of the day, people with aphasia or cognitive deficits work on their goals by participating in these real life activities. We cook lunch, follow recipes, write out the grocery list or a story for the website.  Our participants also answer the phone or give a tour.  Many of the activities are perfect ways for those with aphasia to practice.

From no words to now saying short sentences!  Awesome!  

Returning to work or volunteering after your stroke or brain injury?

We have an Employment Unit that can help with work readiness such as getting a new resume completed.  We can also help with job searches.  Our Flour to Empower Bakery is a great way to practice skills before seeking employment.

Volunteering is a great way to give back and practice skills

For individuals with aphasia, stroke or brain injury, these activities provide individuals a chance to work on their language skills that goes beyond the therapy room.  It also gives people a chance to meet others who struggle with the same challenges.  It is a supportive community for all including families. For more information, please go to our website,

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