Speech Therapy Online for Adults After a Stroke

Therapy Works Together has speech therapists all over the United States. We match individuals and families with a certified speech therapist who is an expert in effectively evaluating and treating speech and language disorders related to aphasia. Speech therapy is delivered conveniently online via face-to-face video conferencing.

Depending on the client’s age, communication issues, and speech and language goals, the speech therapist will develop a personalized communication treatment plan to help them meet their needs. Adult clients are encouraged to attend at their convenience and are also welcome to bring caregivers or family members into the treatment sessions to learn speech strategies to use at home.

  • CONVENIENT and fits your schedule
  • PRIVATE therapy in your home
  • AFFORDABLE for families who need speech therapy

How Can Therapy Works Together Help?

The days following a stroke are often challenging as the brain heals and physical, cognitive, and communication abilities may improve on their own. Speech therapy can enhance this spontaneous recovery to make life more manageable for those who have experienced an injury or illness

The Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is there not only help with improvement of everyday communication abilities but also provide support through rehabilitation which will last long after therapy has ended.

The speech therapy can work on teaching people after a stroke with strategies to overcome communication issues such as problems understanding or producing speech correctly (aphasia), slurred speech due to weak muscles (dysarthria), and/or difficulty in programming the muscles of the mouth for speech production (apraxia). Some people might also have issues with social communication,  like taking conversational turns or problems maintaining a topic of conversation.

Many stroke patients have difficulty speaking or understanding words. To improve their ability, speech therapists will work on specific strategies to help them with word retrieval skills as well as conversational abilities such a role playing which is very effective at teaching social cues required for speech production. If dysphagia occurs due the injury from stroke, there are many therapeutic interventions available that can be used including exercises designed just for this situation.

Speech Therapy Online Can Help With:

  • Improving finding words or getting the words out
  • Understanding others better
  • Problems reading, writing or math
  • Process long or unfamiliar words

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