Triangle Aphasia Project Unlimited (TAP) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to supporting individuals with aphasia and their families across North Carolina. TAP serves individuals with aphasia through weekly specialized group programs (in-person and virtual) that align with various interests and passions. TAP’s mission is to foster an environment where individuals with aphasia are inspired to continuously enhance their communication skills and participate confidently within their communities.


TAP serves approximately 100 individuals with aphasia every week through 30+ different programming opportunities with both in-person and virtual options.  Clients are matched with cognitively stimulating conversation groups or projects that align with their life interests and pursuits.  For example, programming opportunities include groups focusing on speaking, reading, writing with topics related to movies, sports, music, word games, TEDTalks, etc. All TAP groups cost participants just $7 to attend and are facilitated by licensed speech-language pathologists, meaning that TAP clients are getting high-quality care without being burdened by costs or insurance. TAP also hosts a free virtual monthly communication training (“Learning to Speak Aphasia”) that averages 20 individuals impacted by aphasia, from family members to students and area professionals.




171 High House Road,
Cary NC 27511

Phone: 9843085235

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