Speech Therapy at our Madison, WI, clinic is for adults who have aphasia and their families. You are welcome to schedule evaluations and treatment.  Sessions usually take about an hour. You will be asked about your goals, take some tests and decide if you want to do therapy with us. We like to help people read, listen, talk and write better.  Our sessions focus on both thinking and talking. You will get home practice to do between sessions to make the therapy work best for you. In therapy for adults, we use paper and pencil tasks, computer practice, and cellphone/iPad applications to work on your goals.  A doctor’s order is needed to start an evaluation, then we decide your treatment schedule together. We can connect you with support and conversation practice groups in our area. Our therapists have more than 30 years’ experience.  We know how important it is to connect with the people we love, and to be involved in activities that make us happy. We look forward to meeting you!


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