Want your vocabulary back?  We can fix that.

We are a small company with a lot to offer. Our candidates for consideration must have experienced a sudden loss of vocabulary (Anomic or Wernicke’s Aphasia) ranging from 30% to 60% max. Candidates must be able to commit 3 hours/day 5 days each week for 6 weeks for each session. There are three of these sessions for a total of 90 classes. We are North of Sacramento with two separate locations for our course.

We limit our class size to 4 students per instructor to facilitate communication and assure a smooth learning process for all students. Our process is catered for each student but follows a proven procedure to maximize productivity and lock in the course content long term.



Effective 2/2016 we also have a format for DISTANCE LEARNING.

We still require attendance to initiate and close the course but the majority of sessions are conducted via SKYPE and scheduled to accommodate your existing commitments and minimize your travel expenses.


Comfort and confidence are our goals.

You will carry these traits once again and continue learning forever!

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