Voices of Hope for Aphasia is a community-based nonprofit aphasia center based in the Tampa Bay area. We offer programs to people with aphasia and their loved ones. Voices of Hope for Aphasia is a place where the voices of people living with aphasia are acknowledged. We work to provide the communication bridges that will help people with aphasia do the things that are most important to them, and take part in their own life.

Our 6 Programs are:

  • Living with Aphasia – weekly group activities that encourage participation and support communication
  • “Aphasia – Now what?” Workshop – a two-day workshop for the whole family to learn about aphasia and gain skills in supported communication to use at home.
  • Family & Friends of Aphasia – Support Groups and social outings because we are all affected and need support
  • STARS Technology Program – providing hands-on training and support in the use of technology
  • Max Adventures – Outings provide new and exciting activities for those with aphasia to get out and explore in a supportive and aphasia-friendly environment.
  • Aphasia Gives Back – a network of volunteering opportunities in our community for our members. Members can volunteer in groups or individually.

Meeting locations in St. Petersburg at the Voices of Hope for Aphasia center, Dunedin at the Hale Senior Center, Tampa and online. Our programs are free – we do not require a fee to participate and we will never turn anyone away based on their ability to pay.  Voices of Hope for Aphasia is a 501c3 non-profit organization (donations are always welcome!).

Call us at 727.249.1953 for more information or visit our website www.vohapahsia.org to see all our programs and a calendar of upcoming events.

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