MedRhythms is a comprehensive neuro-rehab company that provides neurologic music therapy specializing in the use of music to induce brain plasticity and aid in neuro-recovery. MedRhythms has conducted nearly 20,000 hours of direct patient care through in-home care and contracting with facilities in the Northeast. The company built the program at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, the #3 Rehabilitation Hospital in the U.S. and Harvard Medical School affiliate, in Boston. This program is now the most comprehensive program of its kind in the country. 

COVID-19 has made its impact on the world, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that people still need access to care. MedRhythms has built our teletherapy services in an effort to reach all of those dealing with the impacts of their conditions from home.  

We have become a NAA affiliate because of the great success we having in using neurologic music therapy with clients who have aphasia.  If you or a loved one have aphasia and haven’t tried neurologic music therapy, we encourage you to contact us! We are here to help! 



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