NANA’S BOOKS is an award-winning series of books designed to enhance care partner engagement.  These large format, large print books provide auditory and visual cues to ease communication. Each nostalgic book is based in familiar themes and stimulates reminiscence and long term memory, giving those living with cognitive change familiar inputs through ‘time slips’. NANA’S BOOKS are habilitative, and utilize best practice in re-emergent literacy, developmentally appropriate dignified content,  cognitive stimulation therapy and assistive fonts and formatting.

These resonant, literature-based books capture the sights and sounds of the past and elicit deeply held recollection and usher in moments of joy. Our site contains multiple effusive clinician recommendations for their utility in person-centered care.

Our books are currently in use in pastoral, palliative, hospice, adult day, skilled nursing and memory care.

They are featured resources in memory cafés, recreation, life review, cognitive stimulation, Occupational, Speech, counseling and psychotherapeutic therapies.

Please reach out with any questions or to create your digital or print bundles or library.

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