This is another tip in our series of one-minute videos aimed at delivering quick ideas you can use to make your life a little easier if you have aphasia.


In this tip, we try to get you comfortable with moments of silence.


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Embrace the Pause

They say that silence is golden, so treat pauses as something valuable instead of something to feel stressed about.


Pauses are time to collect your thoughts and make sure you have the space to say what you need to say.


Establish at the start of a conversation that you operate on aphasia standard time and you need other people to be patient and wait while you best use those pauses to think instead of panic.


Let them know that stress increases communication difficulties, and you’re taking in all information including their body language or glances at their watch.


Talking about time upfront means that the other person clearly understands your needs. That way, they won’t ask a question if they don’t have time for the answer, and you won’t feel rushed because they’re asking a question while they’re half out the door.


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