Aphasia Awareness Month wrapped up last week, and we’re ready to share some numbers with you. Drum roll, please…

Quiz Takers

There are a lot of Cozy Kettles in our community. We created a helpful and humourous personality quiz to lead people to speech activities they could do from the comfort of their own home. 1,956 people completed the quiz, and they broke down into the following categories:


  • 260 Bookish Worms
  • 1,136 Cozy Kettles
  • 131 Creative Canoctopi
  • 148 Playful Bananas
  • 281 Active Iguanas


Our personality test is still live, or you can jump directly to the activities you’ll find at the end of the quiz.

Videos and Activities

We released four new videos of speech activities you can do from home. (Are you sensing a theme?)



Or if you’re looking for even more activities you can do from home, we posted five ideas crowdsourced from our community every Monday. It’s never too late to dive into practicing speech from home.


More Work to Do

The NAA doesn’t rest at the end of Aphasia Awareness Month; we just jump into our next projects and return to on-going efforts such as the weekly Aphasia Threads.


We’re working on more weekly articles about the emotional side of aphasia and developments that affect aphasia treatment, more videos explaining aphasia, and more materials to support caregivers. There is always more work to do to support the aphasia community and spread awareness to the general public.

Help Out

Looking for ways to help spread aphasia awareness? Continue to share 2018’s video or last year’s Communication Tips quiz. We specifically made both to educate people about aphasia all year round.


Tell your story through our Aphasia Threads project. Your viewpoint can educate the general public.


Not sure how to educate the people in your community? Download some of our helpful materials, such as our communication tips guide. You can bring these handouts to your local emergency stations. Don’t forget to help spread information to other places, such as local stores and supermarkets. Outings become less stressful when the people around you are patient communicators.


Thank you for all of your hard work last month, and we’re looking forward to another year of aphasia awareness as we move beyond June.