June, 2016 Aphasia Awareness Month 

What better way to spread awareness about Aphasia and have some fun in the process than to write a song about it! This is what the Niagara Aphasia Program in Ontario, Canada, did. They created a music video and invited persons with Aphasia to star in it. Here is the project described in their own words:

The most recent project includes two original songs (“I’m Still Me” and “Can You Hear Me?”) that were written and performed by the group, with the assistance of Justis Krar, local musician and volunteer. It was then filmed by Rick Iafrate and made into two music videos, which are available for viewing on YouTube.

The inspiration for the project stems from June being an Aphasia Awareness Month. The members of the group wanted to create songs that would spread the awareness of aphasia and help other individuals gain a better understanding of this disorder. This project shows how music can be used as a powerful tool to help those who face communication difficulties. Not only does this affect the individual but also has a positive effect on the community as a whole. The entire process took approximately eight weeks to complete and the music videos are finally ready to be shared by the proud members.

Watch these great videos below:

Can You Hear Me

I’m Still Me


The Niagara Aphasia Program is located at the Fairhaven Adult Day Service in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. It is run by two speech-language pathologists, a communication disorders assistant, registered social worker and a strong group of trained volunteers. The program runs every Thursday morning (9-12pm) and afternoon (1-4pm). Contact Laura Hale, laura.hale@niagararegion.ca, 905-371-1569 for more information.