July 25, 2016

Our free online database of Affiliates, which includes aphasia centers, speech language pathologists, and support groups, has grown to several hundred members from all across the country. The number of people using the database has increased by nearly 60% compared to last year, with about 5000 unique visitors of the affiliates listings in the past 3 months. Some of the affiliate pages get hundreds of visitors! We are thrilled that this database has proven to be such a useful resource that connects persons with aphasia and their loved ones with aphasia centers, therapy and support.

As many persons with aphasia do not receive adequate guidance by their doctor or hospital regarding where to find such resources, this database is of critical importance to providing this information to them.

If you provide speech therapy at an aphasia center, or you are an independent speech language pathologist, or you manage an aphasia support group, you can become part of our online database that will help you connect with the aphasia community. You can start by sending an affiliate request to the National Aphasia Association. Once your application has been approved (usually within 2-3 days), you can create a page with your contact and service information. This database is free and open to the public.