When we started the Aphasia Threads project, we imagined it as a year-long celebration of your stories. Little did we know that so many people would want to participate that it would still be going on a year and a half later. We have the next seven posts ready to go, and they’ll be going up over the next few weeks.


But there are still a lot of stories out there.


We want to invite you to add your point-of-view to Aphasia Threads.

Aphasia Threads

Aphasia Threads weaves together three points-of-view: people with aphasia, caregivers, and the professionals who help each family navigate aphasia. Each week, we bring together three unrelated stories, one from each member of this triad, to learn from their experience.


Telling your story means filling out a simple form (see below). We use the same set of questions weekly so you can see a wide variety of answers. Each “thread” has a different set of questions.


For people with aphasia, we want to know about the way your relationships have strengthened or faded away and advice for those earlier in their aphasia journey. When it comes to caregivers, we want to hear which tools or apps help you aid your loved one with aphasia as well as what you wish SLPs knew about your situation. For professionals, we want to hear why you chose to work with people with aphasia and what you observe about treating aphasia.


If you haven’t filled out the form, and you’re ready to tell your story, please dive into the questions:


We’ll meet you back here soon for the next set of Aphasia Threads.