We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Adult Speech Therapy Services in Olney, Maryland.

What Makes Adult Speech Therapy Services Unique?

I provide outpatient therapy services from the comfort of my clients’ homes.

Great Success Stories

One of my favorite success stories involves a client with severe aphasia. Prior to her stroke, she had been very involved with her career and in her community. After her stroke, her communication impairment made it very difficult for her to communicate with her family and caregivers, and she was unable to return to work.

This, understandably, was very frustrating for this client. However, she worked hard during speech therapy sessions and followed the recommended home exercise program. During our treatment, she became proficient at using an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system on her iPad, which allowed her to quickly and effectively communicate her wants, needs and ideas.

She was once again able to connect with her family, caregivers and doctors, significantly decreasing her frustration. It was great to see her come to therapy with a smile on her face.

They Love What They Do

I feel grateful that I have a job that allows me to help people during a difficult time in their lives. Communication is something that we often take for granted, and I love that my job is to help people regain such an important skill.

Adult Speech Therapy Services

Services and Support Groups

I provide private, individual outpatient speech, language, cognitive and swallowing therapy. Treatment techniques are selected for each individual client based on current scientific research and the client’s own communication goals. I work hard to create individualized treatment materials to meet my client’s needs and interests.

My practice is also unique in that I provide outpatient therapy services in my clients’ own homes and communities (i.e. their local coffee shop, grocery store, etc.) This is often more convenient for my clients since they don’t have to travel to see me, but it also makes my treatment more functional. We work on improving communication in the places where my clients actually communicate each day!

I accept Medicare.

Special Services for Caregivers

I always invite family members and caregivers to attend treatment sessions. I find that clients often benefit from the support of their caregivers, so caregiver education and training is always a part of my treatment plan.

More Information

Do you live in the Olney, Maryland area? Contact the Adult Speech Therapy Services for speech services and support groups.

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