We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Colorado Holistic Aphasia Therapy in Denver, Colorado.

What Makes Colorado Holistic Aphasia Therapy Unique?

We take a holistic approach to aphasia therapy, involving the family and their community in treatment planning. We take therapy out of the sterile clinic room and use word-finding strategies at home, at the grocery store, or at the client’s favorite coffee shop to make the strategies and communication as functional and meaningful as possible. We also offer bilingual Spanish/English aphasia therapy.

Great Success Stories

I had a Spanish-speaking patient whose main difficulty after two strokes was expressive aphasia. She wouldn’t say more than two words to me when we first met. After months of working together, she is now attending a day center for adults where she does yoga, art, and socializes with new people every day. She now feels confident communicating with new people and has regained a social network that she had continued to complain was lost because of her aphasia.

They Love What They Do

I love how immediately applicable this work is to someone’s life. We’re able to work on word-finding with the most meaningful words in their lives, teach their family how to best communicate and support them, and start to bring back the person’s voice and personality.

Colorado Holistic Aphasia Therapy

Services and Support Groups

We offer home and community-based therapy services. Programs are customizable to the patient/family’s schedule and financial situation. We always recommend intensive therapy as soon as possible and tapering sessions down as family feels more able to provide support for language homework. We teach them to support the client with aphasia. We emphasize that language therapy should be highly relevant to the client’s life and their goals. When appropriate, we bring people out into the community to begin using their language strategies at the places they frequented prior to their injury.

Special Services for Caregivers

We encourage caregivers to watch and participate in therapy so that they know how to best continue with therapy strategies outside of therapy time. We also always encourage caregivers to attend support groups so that they have a place to voice their concerns, worries, and victories.

More Information

We are enthusiastic about aphasia therapy and focus on bringing motivation, positivity, and individualized planning to treatment sessions!

Do you live in the Denver, Colorado area? Contact the Colorado Holistic Aphasia Therapy for speech services and support groups.

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