We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to iCommunicare, LLC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Learn What Makes iCommunicare, LLC Unique

iCommunicare focuses on committing to, discovering, and connecting to new ways of communication in the presence of aphasia. Our relationship-centered aphasia program (RCAP) provides the opportunity for clients to receive intensive aphasia therapy.

Here Are Some of the Services They Offer

iCommunicare offers individual speech-language therapy sessions and intensive aphasia therapy options. In addition, Abbe Simon provides health coaching.

icommunicare, LLC

They Have Great Success Stories

The relationships they create with their clients contribute to the success of their work. Just today, a spouse became teary during an initial evaluation and said, “I wish I found you so much sooner.”

The Pandemic Changed a Few Things…

Virtual therapy remains part of my aphasia-related services, and they are grateful to be able to offer this option. They see clients in person, two days a week, in North Carolina.

They Specifically Offer

Services specifically for people with primary progressive aphasia. Clients who have a diagnosis of MCI or PPA are part of their practice.

A Few Last Things You Should Know

iCommunicare’s RCAP was developed so that people in North Carolina can have a more “local” option of choosing intensive aphasia therapy.

More Information

Do you live in the Chapel Hill, North Carolina area? Contact the iCommunicare, LLC for speech services and support groups.


The NAA is highlighting our affiliates to connect people with aphasia and caregivers to their services and to celebrate the amazing work they’re doing.