We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to MossRehab Aphasia Center in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.

Learn What Makes MossRehab Aphasia Center Unique

Founded in 1996, the MossRehab Aphasia Center meets the long-term communication and psychosocial needs of individuals who have been affected by aphasia. It is a warm and welcoming place where people can find information and peer support, as well as participate in research and treatment.


MossRehab Aphasia Center was founded on several basic principles: 1) Recovery from aphasia involves a life-long process of re-education, adaptation, and support. 2) Under the right conditions, people with aphasia can continue to recover even years after the onset of aphasia. 3) Participating in social, recreational, and educational activities reduces isolation and helps people with aphasia and their families make psychosocial adjustments. 4) Individuals with aphasia and their families can play an important role in increasing public awareness of aphasia.

Here Are Some of the Services They Offer

MossRehab Aphasia Center programs and services include:


Advanced Clinical Therapy Program (ACT). The Advanced Clinical Therapy (ACT) Program is a specialized outpatient therapy program developed for people with chronic (more than six months), persisting, or progressive aphasia.


Aphasia Activity Center. Social interaction facilitates rehabilitation. The Aphasia Activity Center is a place where people with aphasia can meet, socialize, and use their communication skills in a safe, supportive environment. Activities include conversation groups, a book club, a computer lab, and community education programs.


Research Opportunities at MRRI. At the Moss Rehabilitation Research Institute (MRRI), scientists and clinicians conduct studies to gain a better understanding of stroke and traumatic brain injury. People with aphasia may be eligible to volunteer for one or more of these research studies.


Aphasia Blog. Our blog is intended as a resource for people with aphasia and co-survivors, as well as for clinicians and students.

They Have Great Success Stories

Our members go above and beyond to support each other. Whether it is volunteering in the hospital with people who’ve just had a stroke, starting specialized groups, or helping each other get to the Aphasia Center, our members are a family.

The Pandemic Changed a Few Things…

We offer our groups online and will continue to offer hybrid virtual/in-person groups once we get back to seeing each other in-person on a regular schedule. One ‘silver lining’ of incorporating the virtual option into our groups is that we’ve been able to welcome back members who had moved out of state, as well as new members who have difficulty with transportation to the Center, so we plan to keep that option available moving forward.


MossRehab Aphasia Center

They Specifically Offer

  • Services specifically for people with primary progressive aphasia
  • Online discussion groups, support groups, events

A Few Last Things You Should Know

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. We have begun a weekly conversation group for those with primary progressive aphasia (PPA). We will also soon launch a virtual strategy training and education program for individuals with PPA and their caregivers.


MossRehab Aphasia Center

More Information

Do you live in the Elkins Park, Pennsylvania area? Contact the MossRehab Aphasia Center for speech services and support groups.


The NAA is highlighting our affiliates to connect people with aphasia and caregivers to their services and to celebrate the amazing work they’re doing.