We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Reading in Aphasia Lab in Atlanta, GA.

Learn What Makes Reading in Aphasia Lab Unique

Our lab is interested in how the brain functions during post-stroke reading. We study these mechanisms in adults with aphasia using fMRI and non-invasive brain stimulation. Our goal is to create a post-stroke reading information that is individualized to each person’s unique recovery.

Here Are Some of the Services They Offer

We currently have two ongoing studies. One looks at reading in the scanner and the other looks at upregulating and downregulating different areas in the nonlesioned hemisphere to see if we can improve reading.


Reading in Aphasia Lab

They Have Great Success Stories

Our great moments are every day we see a participant and help them to contribute to making future aphasia intervention better!

The Pandemic Changed a Few Things…

We are doing both online and in-person testing for our studies, but MRI and non-invasive brain stimulation testing are in-person. We are following all COVID-19 guidelines provided by the University System of Georgia.

More Information

Do you live in the Atlanta, GA area? Contact the Reading in Aphasia Lab for speech services and support groups.


The NAA is highlighting our affiliates to connect people with aphasia and caregivers to their services and to celebrate the amazing work they’re doing.