We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Speech Recovery Pathways in Newport Beach, CA.

Learn What Makes Speech Recovery Pathways Unique

It was founded by Ted W. Baxter, a person who had experienced a massive ischemic stroke in 2005 and now has aphasia. He developed a book that describes his remarkable recovery, and now he can talk about it, write about it, and provide his tips and techniques for coming back to society.


A positive mindset, a strong support group, and determination are keywords and concepts that this practice is all about.


He learned the importance of practicing speech repetitively, avoiding isolation, and practicing various activities during his recovery journey.


Speech Recovery Pathways seeks to be different from the other organizations by ensuring that every member has a solid support system that will meet their needs on whatever part of their journey that they are on. They provide speech-language pathologists with practical experience, textbook applications, and research.


Our Mission:


To support the ongoing need for adults with stroke or brain injury to have regular access to meaningful communication practice and opportunities to reintegrate into the community. Provide ongoing communication practice, build confidence, and get survivors connected to talk.

Here Are Some of the Services They Offer

  • Aphasia support groups (conversational level with a supportive environment)
  • Memory/problem-solving groups (brainstretch program)
  • Caregiver support groups
  • Partner training for couples
  • Yoga/fitness group

They Have Great Success Stories

We are still early in our development. When we started this in 2020, we had only 12 members and 5 volunteers. Now, in late 2022, we have 40 members and 45-50 volunteers that support our cause. We are a nonprofit organization under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).

The Pandemic Changed a Few Things…

Once the pandemic hit, community recovery groups were removed from being in person and survivors had nowhere else to go. This caused Speech Recovery Pathways. We have online services only.

They Specifically Offer

Services specifically for people with strokes, traumatic brain injuries, other head injuries, and aphasia
Support groups or counseling specifically for caregivers
Online discussion groups, support groups, events, or online one-on-one therapy

A Few Last Things You Should Know

We developed our own website, and we conduct our weekly sessions using Zoom.

We also put in place a Board of Directors, 4 members, and 2 visiting members that meet officially 3-4 times every year.

More Information

Do you live in the Newport Beach, CA area? Contact the Speech Recovery Pathways for speech services and support groups.


The NAA is highlighting our affiliates to connect people with aphasia and caregivers to their services and to celebrate the amazing work they’re doing.