Last month we gave you some tips for getting more out of Thanksgiving, and we’re back with a few more ideas to get you through the winter holidays. No matter what you celebrate this season, these ideas will help make the holidays a chance to recharge and connect with family and friends.

Sing It

Sometimes singing can be easier than speaking, and much research has been done on the benefits of music therapy to treat aphasia. Listen to music, sing while you cook, or go out carolling. Make music an enjoyable part of your holiday experience.

Online Shopping

Stores are busy this time of year, and people are rushing to check everything off their to-do list. Try shopping at off-hours so you can take your time requesting help or communicating with the salesperson. Even better, online shopping has made it easier to make purchases without feeling rushed. Gift giving is supposed to be fun — not stressful — so tackle the task in a way that makes it easier for you.

Find Your Happy

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holidays without needing to say a word. Decorating a tree, lighting the menorah, or going out to a Christmas light show are all ways to participate in a holiday without having to make conversation. The holidays are filled with quiet moments where you can be with people and enjoy their company through a shared activity.

Cook Together

Food is a big part of any holiday, so make sure your favourite dishes are on the table. Grate the potatoes for latkes, decorate some sugar cookies, or just grab tastes of what others are cooking. The best place to park yourself during the holidays is in the kitchen. Plus think beyond the holiday meal to other sweet activities, such as decorating a gingerbread house.

Those are some of our tips. We’d love you hear yours or your plans for the holiday.

Image: Mira Bozhko via Unsplash