Aphasia and TBI friends meet in St. Louis to support each other.

Aphasia Friends in St. Louis
Photo: Sam Murphy, Colleen Murphy , Lauren Murphy (aphasia/TBI), Jake Gregory (TBI), Angela Gregory, Carol Dumm Lindsay Dumm (TBI), Laura Cobb (aphasia/TBI), Lucinda Cobb

Sunday, four friends with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): Lauren Murphy, Lindsey Dumm, Jake Gregory, Laura Cobb and Lauren’s sister, Sam Murphy,, and our moms, met for lunch at Stir Crazy in St. Louis.

We talked and laughed and had a good time!

Aphasia Friends in St Louis
Photo: Laura Cobb (aphasia/TBI), Lauren Murphy (aphasia/TBI), Lindsay Dumm (TBI), Jake Gregory (TBI)

I have aphasia/TBI. I went to Washington University in St. Louis with a girl who wrote to me about another classmate, Samantha (“Sam”) Murphy.

Sam’s sister, Lauren,was hit by a driver while running in LA traffic. Now, she has aphasia/TBI, too.

We met a few times with our moms at local restaurants to chat and get to know each other, then Sam said, I met another girl with TBI.

Lindsey Dumm who has TBI. her Mom (Carol Dumm), Sam, Lauren, her Mom (Colleen Murphy), Lucinda and I talked over lunch.

Carol and Linsdey said, Jake Gregory have TBI, too! So, Jake, her Mom (Angela Gregory), Murphys, Dumms and Cobbs chatted and laughed.

Our group meets every month. We like our new group!