Here is a selection of interesting articles that explore the challenges and lives of caregivers. Need to Take Care, Futurity

A study of 58 caregivers of stroke survivors, identified 15 types of common problems that cause anxiety and depression, including  the difficulty caregivers experience in trying to sustain themselves and their families, social isolation, and changes in their relationship with the stroke survivor.

Caregiving Not Always an Emotional Drain, Futurity

Researchers wanted to find out if some aspects of caregiving did not provoke burnout, high stress, and poor health often associated with being a caregiver—and if so, why.

They found that caregivers experience more positive emotions and fewer negatives ones when they engage in active care, like feeding, bathing, and other kinds of physical care.

The study found that passive care, on the other hand, which requires the spouse to simply be nearby in case anything should go wrong, provokes negative emotions in the caretaker, and leads to fewer positive emotions.