May, 2016

Aphasia Awareness Month of June is approaching, and it is time to plan activities that can help people in your community learn about this condition. Here we started a list with some ideas to help you plan your aphasia awareness event. What are your ideas? Share them with the NAA at and we will share with others. Let’s all join together to increase awareness about Aphasia this June!

1. Host an aphasia event at your local cinema or bookstore

DSCN2909Last year, the Aphasia Book Club of Gainesville, Florida hosted an awareness event at a cinema in downtown Gainesville. Speech-language pathologists, Kerry Lenius and Beth Heitman led the event with the assistance of numerous volunteers. Aphasia Book Club members shared testimonials about the impact of aphasia in each of their lives. They also shared ideas about how others can communicate with them more effectively. Following the testimonials, the group watched the movie, Aphasia, by Little Word Films.

2. Organize a free concert in a church or other community venues

aphasia_gospel01Earlier in May, Adler Aphasia Center hosted a free gospel concert at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Hackensack to raise awareness about stroke and aphasia in the African American community. The incidence of heart disease and stroke affects this community more than any other, according to the American Stroke Associations and the Center for Disease Control.


3. Use Social Media to write about your experience with Aphasia and to share the stories that others post.

network-889351_1280Social Media is a powerful tool to spread awareness and reach many people. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, search for #aphasia, find out what other organizations are tweeting or posting about Aphasia and share anything you find interesting. Ask your friends to re-share.



4. Provide Aphasia handouts in the local bookstore, library, or school

communication posterIt is important to have materials that present information in a simple and effective way to give people when you are educating them about Aphasia. You can print out this Aphasia communication poster, which explains briefly the nature of the condition and goes over important tips about how to communicate with someone who has Aphasia.

You can also give this short quiz about aphasia. It provides a quick way for anyone to check how well they understand the basics of this condition, and give them an opportunity to learn.



If you would like to learn more about Aphasia in preparation for your awareness event, visit our FAQ, Helpful Materials, or Aphasia Definitions pages to get more information.

Ideas welcome!

Send us your ideas at and we will share them with our community. Thank you for helping persons with Aphasia live better lives!