By David M. Bergh

I am from Idaho. Graduated from the University of Idaho with a Business & Management degree.

In 2003 I had a massive stroke (I lost all ability to speak or communicate except to shake myself yes or no. I was fortunate that I could walk. I could not communicate or write or read…..You have no idea what it is like; not in be able to communicate!!


My brother in Alaska assisted me to go to the University of Michigan with a Residential Aphasia Program (RAP). My program was 8:00 AM -5:00 PM; Monday-Friday; June-August 2003. In my classes I was with 1 on 1 PHD’s; some times it was 2-3 PHD’s with me. That was fine for me. “If you can’t communicate, you are SOL”.

I did homework everyday twice a day. On the weekend’s, I did my laundry at the coin-op laundromat, long walks, cooked (to reprogram) and did more homework.

Over all; I have increased being able to cook, drive a car, to comprehend reading a book, to update my computer, phone message machine, answer the phone, balance a check book, pay bill’s, use a visa credit card, order my medication, repair commercial washing machines, I have designed a radiant heat and solar hot water for my laundromat, developed a business plan to buy a new laundromat and developed an aphasia T-shirt!!

In 2008 I went to the University of Michigan to have an evaluation with “RAP”. I have improved dramatically and the University of Michigan said that “Mr. Bergh was a highly motivated, cooperated and hard working throughout this program.”

I am continuing to improve my speech, vocabulary & language. I do homework everyday!!

I am an Aphasia person and will be an Aphasia person the rest of my life.

“Round 2 until next time!!”

David M. Bergh

Mtn Home, Idaho