We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Eugene Speech Therapy in Eugene, Oregon.

What Makes Eugene Speech Therapy Unique?

I’m Sierra Corbin, Eugene’s aphasia and dysphagia expert. My practice specializes in the adult population and collaborates with physicians in order to coordinate care and make a real difference. My goal is to provide quality services that are meaningful to clients. That means being flexible and adaptable, including using a variety of evidence-based treatments, and focusing on the client’s personal goals. This month, in March, I am initiating an online aphasia group that expands opportunities for people with aphasia. It allows them to connect with others with aphasia and a qualified speech therapist.

Eugene Speech Therapy

Great Success Stories

I have a client with Wernicke’s aphasia. It is severe, and he has little comprehension. His output is mainly neologisms (jibberish). The impact on him and his family is huge. He is in a memory care facility and does not get to leave the building, as he has aggressive outbursts that started after his latest stroke. It can be hard to tell if the outbursts are due to a past concomitant brain injury, the inability to communicate and understand others, or both.

It has taken months, but he is making progress. We know as speech therapists that even a small improvement can be huge. He is starting to show the ability to understand written words and pictures. So, we are implementing a communication book and are using a white board. To my surprise, his wife took him on a car ride to his son’s house and is using the white board to increase his comprehension. She says it is working and he absolutely loves the car rides and “remembers all the streets.”

This makes me feel so happy that he is able to connect through cueing strategies. He now gets to go on drives with his wife or friends, and his outbursts have greatly diminished. Even though we are still working, this is certainly turning into a success story.

They Love What They Do

I love assisting clients and their family members whose lives have been turned upside down. They are so motivated to gain what they have lost, and I have the opportunity to be apart of the healing process. I love learning as much from them as they learn from me.

Services and Support Groups

I offer services for communication and swallowing disorders. Most recently, I am initiating an online aphasia group called “Communication Partners” where 4-5 people with aphasia meet with me weekly to learn word-finding strategies and practice together. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has expressive aphasia and is either in a rural area or wants to continue their progress in a social setting.

Eugene Speech Therapy

Special Services for Caregivers

Caregivers are always welcome and encouraged to join our sessions in order to learn strategies and about the disorder. I hope caregivers participate so they can also learn about what helps their loved one!

Last Thoughts

I upload weekly videos on our YouTube channel. Many of the videos talk about stroke and aphasia.

More Information

Do you live in the Eugene, Oregon area? Contact the Eugene Speech Therapy for speech services and support groups.

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