The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is our favourite holiday: Giving Tuesday. It’s a time when you take all the gratitude that you’re feeling over the holidays and channel it towards your favourite organizations. The donations you make during this one day help fund all the projects we do over the year.

Giving Tuesday is so important that we made this video to let you know what your donations funded this year.

Support the NAA on Giving Tuesday

Highlights from this year:

  • Our aphasia awareness month video reached almost 262,000 people. Over 5500 people liked it, over 2200 people shared it, and 737 people left comments.
  • Our YouTube channel copy of the aphasia awareness month video pulled in over 12,500 views.
  • We created additional videos for each type of aphasia.
  • We also offered users aphasia resources and support over 800,000 times this year.
  • Of course, we published hundreds of articles about aphasia.
  • Ran an online book club.
  • Added an online therapy feature to our affiliate database.

All of those things were made possible by last year’s Giving Tuesday donation.

So moved by our video that you can’t wait to make your donation? You’re in luck! Just navigate to that donate button in the top, right corner of our website. Click it and you can make an easy online donation that will fund projects throughout the year.

Not ready yet? No problem — we’ll reach out on Tuesday with a reminder.

Thank you in advance for helping us do this important work.