We’re continuing with our affiliate highlight series, this time turning our eye to Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston in Medfield or Plainville, Massachusetts.

What Makes Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston Unique?

We are a local center, convenient to the neighborhoods we serve. We provide a full range of services year-round (six days per week) to improve communication.

Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston

Great Success Stories

I had been working with a post-stroke patient with dysarthria, for several months. She was working hard and making gains in her speech clarity and getting her point across slowly. One day, she asked to see a picture of my family. She pointed to a smiling picture of my son and called him “Apple Cheeks.” We met a year or so after therapy at the market. I was with my son, and he got to meet the lady who gave him the perfect nickname that we used for many years.

They Love What They Do

Helping people improve their ability to communicate and, therefore their quality of life, is very gratifying. In the process of helping others, I think we also learn a greater respect for others and an appreciation for life and family.

Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston

Services and Support Groups

We provide speech and language evaluations and therapy, hearing tests and hearing aids, and occupational therapy. We offer a variety of therapies such as Melodic Intonation Therapy and LSVT-LOUD for Parkinson’s disease.

Special Services for Caregivers

We make our caregivers an important part of the therapeutic process.

Last Thoughts

We accept most insurances and Medicare.

More Information

Do you live in the Medfield or Plainville, Massachusetts area? Contact the Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston for speech services and support groups.

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