February 24, 2016

We asked our NAA affiliates who have registered as support or communication groups to send us some tips on how they advertise their groups to local communities. We will be sharing these tips through our posts in the hope that they may help other support groups reach out to more people with aphasia in their area.

Stephanie, who works at a facility that has multiple levels of aphasia care, including a support group, wrote:

We have the speech therapists in different areas tell patients about our group and some attend while they are inpatients. We also have fliers on our information boards and in the elevator.  Our hospital has a quarterly publication that goes out to the surrounding community and all of the support groups are listed in there.  We are also part of a large hospital system and the other hospitals know about our group and relay the information to potential patients.

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To find aphasia centers or support groups in your area visit our online database.

Send us your tips on how you spread the word about your support group, email us at naa@aphasia.org. Let’s help more people with Aphasia get the support they need!