Aphasia Awareness Month wrapped up on Friday. Here are some highlights from the month.


We started the month with our communication tips video.

You can download a copy of the script, too.


We continued the month with 50 communication tips from people with aphasia for people with aphasia.


1. June 13: Advice from People with Aphasia (Communication Tips)
2. June 20: More Advice from People with Aphasia (Communication Tips)
3. June 27: Final Advice from People with Aphasia (Communication Tips)


Finally, we hosted four R.E.A.L. Ask the Expert webinars. R.E.A.L. stands for Relatable, Experienced Aphasia Leaders, otherwise known as people with aphasia. These webinars shared the advice and thoughts of people who live with aphasia every day.


1. June 1 R.E.A.L. Experts
2. June 15 R.E.A.L. Experts
3. June 22 R.E.A.L. Experts
4. June 29 R.E.A.L. Experts


This month was all about connecting you to aphasia events and resources. We shared five resources that aid with communication from other aphasia organizations.


1. May 30: Aphasia Recovery Connection: Talk Tools
2. June 1: Tactus Therapy: Downloads
3. June 15: Innovative Speech Therapy: Communication Boards
4. June 22: Lingraphica: Communication Tips Library
5. June 29: Aphasia Institute: ParticiPics


We shared 22 events happening around the United States and online through our newsletter

Future Work

We thank those who set up an Aphasia Awareness Month 2023 fundraiser. You ensure that we can continue this work in the future.


Midwestern University Aphasia Awareness Fundraiser
Cowboy Aphasia Camp Swear Jar
PPA Father’s Day fundraiser
34+ years
Sparker’s Aphasia Journey Fundraiser
Ann’s Aphasia Fundraiser
my life with aphasia
Talk About Aphasia


The NAA doesn’t rest at the end of Aphasia Awareness Month; we jump into our next projects and return to ongoing efforts such as our Aphasia Cafe chats.


We’re working on more weekly articles about the emotional side of aphasia and developments that affect aphasia treatment, more videos explaining aphasia, and more materials to support caregivers. There is always more work to support the aphasia community and spread awareness to the general public.


Thank you for all of your hard work last month, and we’re looking forward to another year of aphasia awareness as we move beyond June.