The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is our favourite holiday: Giving Tuesday. It’s a time when you take all the gratitude that you’re feeling over the holidays and channel it towards your favourite organizations. The donations you make during this one day help fund all the projects we do over the year.


And this Giving Tuesday is doubly important because thanks to the NAA’s Board of Directors, your gift before midnight on 12/3/19 will be instantly DOUBLED (up to $15,000) to make twice the impact.


Giving Tuesday is so important that we made this video to let you know what your donations funded in 2019. Prepare to be amazed…

Support the NAA on Giving Tuesday


Highlights from this year:


  • Over 6000 people took our communication tips quiz. The average score was 89%, though 2112 people received a perfect 100% score!
  • Released our free e-book, The Aphasia Caregiver Guide, a few weeks ago.
  • Began our wildly successful Aphasia Threads posts, bringing together the stories of people with aphasia, caregivers, and professionals who work with people who have aphasia.
  • Started aphasia-friendly video chats.
  • Established our legacy pages feature.
  • Published hundreds of articles about aphasia.
  • Continued our online book club.
  • Reached 1000 affiliates in our database.
  • Offered users aphasia resources and support over 800,000 times this year.


All of those things were made possible by last year’s Giving Tuesday donation.


So moved by our video that you can’t wait to make your donation? You’re in luck! Just click here and you can make an easy online donation that will fund projects throughout the year.


Not ready yet? No problem — we’ll reach out on Tuesday with a reminder.


Thank you in advance for helping us do this important work.